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For us, that included considering the breadth and depth of what an editor does, so topics covered included a review of key rhetorical concepts, comprehensive editing, copyediting, and editorial markup. Throughout this interactive course, students will: learn principles for critical analysis of technical discourse; learn proofreading skills, copyediting techniques, and comprehensive editing procedures ,including working with authors from the beginning of the writing process to completion of a document; gain expertise in traditional areas of editing, such as style, grammar, punctuation, and formatting; work on editorial teams to learn to make informed rhetorical choices about the process of producing professional/technical documents; and learn to communicate professionally in a variety of business and technical applications.

Edit technical writing using MS Word and Adobe Acrobat (Reader or Professional), learn to communicate with authors and editors, and practice writing queries and creating style sheets. Youtube, blogs, and educational websites are full of useful tutorials for creating great video content. Armed with this information, students were to pick a poorly executed instructional video on YouTube for a task like learning a function in Word or Acrobat. ” We’ll then spend a few weeks reviewing the tools of the trade that are critical to good editing-understanding rhetorical principles, elements of writing, basic rules of grammar and style-and learn to apply those using MS Word and Adobe Acrobat.

Finally, this was the module where we introduced students to the advanced functionality of two commonly used software programs: Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. During this time, students were introduced to a free audio creation and editing application, Audacity. In this module, the class was introduced to the basics of HTML and especially the relevance of HTML 5. Writing and editing for the Web, with an emphasis on a variety of screens was covered. After discussing basics of audio and audio editing and working with multiple track recordings in class, students created a 60-90 second clip on an editing topic that used at least two tracks (a minimum of voice and music, incorporating fades and transitions).

We spent one day discussing the particular needs of editing for non-native English speakers. The extensive suite of built-in tools makes Audacity one of the preferred choices amongst the users. Whether new or seasoned, students completing this course are equipped to use and implement technical editing skills and tools in a variety of work situations.

Windows counts it as a second monitor and you can use bundled Asus software to put it to all kinds of helpful tasks, such as using it as a trackpad or summoning a panel of touch controls for some Adobe apps. Which video editor do you use on your Mac? Now that my virtual team and I can edit projects together on the cloud with Flixier, it tripled my company’s video output!

Given the emphasis in today’s workplace on workflows, simultaneous editing and synchronization, and access and versioning control, we wanted to impress on students the importance of a clearly composed memo to convey an editing plan to a team of developers and authors. We played these in class, had authors discuss the content, technical, and editing challenges they dealt with in creating the clips, and then every class member, based on their notes from the crowdsourced feedback sessions, wrote a brief memo to each of their peers with suggestions for an editing plan.

It also involves creating meaningful tags, researching/implementing key words, writing meta-information, and more. The course will focus on the role of the editor in organizational settings; the common methods of copy marking documents using established symbols and conventions; distinguishing between grammatical and stylistic emendations; the principles of contextual editing; basic editorial activities, especially in the context of collaborating on long documents; methods for analyzing, critiquing, and revising manuscripts for different audiences; and techniques for creating successful writer/editor dialogue.

Learn the tools and techniques of technical editing and practice marking indisputable errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and usage in technical documentation. Identifies technical editorial techniques: proofreading, correcting grammar and syntax, correcting spelling, and researching technical terms and methods available for the analysis and critique of manuscripts/media. In this course, you will gain experience editing print, Web, visual, audio and video “texts.” We’ll begin this course by asking “what do technical and professional editors do?

You can compress your videos to a smaller size with the help of Video To Video Converter. Creator @drive45music uses the primary, non-optional feature of all TikTok videos – looping – to create elaborate, neverending videos where the end pretzels back to the beginning and reframes the joke’s next loop in a whole new way.

Videos will include a watermark. Take a mental note of enabling this effect next time you perform motion effects, the program will take care of the rest for you. Click anywhere on the Timeline, the Real Time Marker will position itself there. We heard time and again “get them working with x because they are familiar with x,” whether “x” referred to Web-based writing, audio, video, or social media writing.

Advanced writing course that prepares students to make informed decisions as editors and information designers. Also, because the class is “technical editing,” we felt it was important to have students explore not just job descriptions but the idea that medicine, biology, and even engineering have their own style guides that dictate conventions. 1. The multi-selection feature for delicate editions can speed up complex audio files editing, you can select different portions of an audio file simultaneously and listen, edit or even apply an affect to them.

The only reason I even remembered its existence was because it randomly started detecting touches that weren’t there, something that was quickly resolved by turning the laptop off and back on. Three years ago, video cards weren’t used for much other than displaying video and rendering video games. Then, they were asked to determine, as editors, what feedback they would give the creators of the video for editing and improving the piece.

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